Easy Belgium waffle using a breadmachine.

You can cook Easy Belgium waffle using a breadmachine using 9 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Easy Belgium waffle using a breadmachine

  1. Prepare 100 g (200 g) of Strong flour*.
  2. You need 50 g (100 g) of plain flour*.
  3. Prepare 1.5 g (3 g) of salt*.
  4. You need 15 g (30 g) of sugar*.
  5. It’s 15 g (30 g) of honey*.
  6. You need 115 g (230 g) of 1 (2) egg(s) + milk*.
  7. It’s 4 g (8 g) of dry yeast.
  8. Prepare 50 g (100 g) of soft room temperature butter (You could microwave for about 20 seconds).
  9. It’s 30 g (60 g) of Pearl or nibbed Sugar.

Easy Belgium waffle using a breadmachine instructions

  1. Put ingredients with * in the bread machine pan. Put yeast in yeast box, if your machine has it. If not, add yeast as well..
  2. Select the basic dough course and press the start..
  3. After the machine adds the dry yeast, wait for several minutes (This depends on your machine.) and add soft room temperature butter..
  4. When the dough course has finished, take out the pan. (1st fermentation).
  5. Add pearl sugar and mix well..
  6. By using a spoon, scoop dough and put them on to perchement sheet or baking sheet, preferably non-stick sheet..
  7. Leave it about 20 mins until they become twice in size..
  8. Using a spatula and spoon, carefully transfer them onto heated pan and bake them until golden brown..
  9. Let them cool so that they become crispy..
  10. If you wish to decorate with chocolate, put chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it up in the microwave for 40 seconds with 600w (medium). Then stir and microwave for another 20 seconds with 600w. Then, stir the chocolate again and when all melt, add 1 tsp of oil and mix. Then, microwave it for further 10 seconds. And dip a waffle into chocolate..

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