Crispy Mint Brownies 👀.

You can have Crispy Mint Brownies 👀 using 8 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Crispy Mint Brownies 👀

  1. Prepare 100 grams of caster sugar.
  2. It’s 100 grams of self raising flour.
  3. You need 15 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  4. You need 100 grams of chocolate I used milk for baking.
  5. Prepare 2 of eggs I used large 112g.
  6. It’s 100 grams of margarine I used flora light.
  7. It’s 1 tsp of peppermint essence.
  8. It’s 50 grams of mint belgian chocolate thins (home bargain shop).

Crispy Mint Brownies 👀 step by step

  1. Pre heat oven to 170° then grease & line a square tin, mine was 8 & half by 8 & half.
  2. Melt margarine with chocolate.
  3. While chocolate is melting put caster sugar, self raising flour & cocoa in a mixing bowl, mix it then set aside.
  4. Lightly whisk eggs with electric whisk then stir in peppermint essence.
  5. When chocolate & butter has melted stir in the egg mix then add to dry ingredients & mix well,.
  6. Put mint thins in bowl & crush with the back of a spoon,.
  7. Pour half the brownie mix in the tin then sprinkle the crushed mint thins on top covering as much as you can.
  8. Pour the rest of the brownie mix on top then pop in the oven for 20+ minutes, mine took 20, when skewer comes out clean take out the oven and leave to cool completely then take out & cut up,.
  9. Enjoy on its own or with ice cream, I like to put mine in microwave for a few seconds and let ice cream melt a bit over it,,.

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